Common Problems

Orthodontic Care in Amherst, NY

At Owl Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile they feel proud of in any situation. We strive to provide high-quality orthodontic treatment to patients throughout the Amherst area, designing personalized treatmentplans to perfectly suit our patients’ unique needs and lifestyles. Orthodontic treatment can solve a number of problems in the mouth and teeth, but there are a number of common malocclusions (bad bites) that we see more than any others.



Underbite occurs when the lower jaw extends too far out past the upper jaw, impacting both the function and appearance of the smile.



Crossbite occurs when the lower teeth sit outside the upper teeth, causing problems with the alignment of the teeth and with jaw development. Crossbite causes an incorrect bite and can sometimes cause facial asymmetry.


Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

This happens when the upper front teeth jut out too far over the lower, impairing both the function and appearance of the bite.



Overbite occurs when the upper jaw extends out too far over the lower jaw, causing the lower front teeth to bite the roof of the mouth in extreme cases. Overbite can also cause both excessive incisor wear and a “gummy” smile, where the lips protrude too much when smiling.


Crowding happens when teeth don’t have enough room to erupt properly, causing the teeth to look crooked and misaligned. Crowding is the most common reason for orthodontic treatment, and in addition to impacting the aesthetics of the smile, it can also increase the risk of dental decay and periodontal disease because it makes the teeth harder to clean.



Spacing is the opposite of crowding, where there are gaps between the teeth. It may be purely cosmetic or impact bite function, and it’s another one of the most common reasons for braces.



Openbite occurs when the upper and lower front teeth don’t meet when the jaw is closed, impacting both the appearance of the smile, the function of the bite, and sometimes causing speech problems. Early evaluation and intervention is ideal for treating an openbite.

Mismatched Dental Midlines

This problem occurs when the back bite fails to fit together properly. This malocclusion can impair both jaw function and dental function.

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While these problems can be serious, we see them on a regular basis and treat each of them routinely. If you think you might be suffering from one of these orthodontic problems or would like to learn more about treatment, we encourage you to call us at 716-832-1550, reach out to us at our contact page, or request an appointment online at one of our offices. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’re excited to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!